Dehydrated Sweet Potato is prepared from freshly harvested mature sweet potatoes which have been washed, trimmed, blanched, dried, milled, and finish processed.

It is high in fiber and contains a higher level of carbohydrates and lower level of protein than common wheat flour. Sweet Potato Powder is very versatile and is great when used in baking, and as a thickener for sauces and gravies.


As always, QA is our priority, every order is inspected and analysed by a reputable third party laboratory. Also orders are tracked by our operations staff and weekly updates are sent to our client with information on the progress of the order.

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Fake Lab Tests

TradeLinkQA means leaving no stone unturned. Sometimes lab results from potential suppliers look a little too good to be true. A quick email to the lab involved soon confirms this potential suppliers fate: banned (not just unapproved…). Be alert people – we’ve detected people faking food certificates multiple times, from multiple countries and across a mix of products…