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TradeLink Internationals weekly round up of organic, gluten free and ancient grain news from around the world.

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Global gluten-free foods consumption 2016 market research insights shared in detailed report – WhaTech

The Gluten-Free Foods market analysis is provided for major regions including USA, Europe, China and Japan, and other regions can be added. For each region, market size and end users are analyzed as well as segment markets by types, applications and companies.

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Semi-Automated Quinoa Purveyor ‘Eatsa’ Opening 2nd FiDi Location Tomorrow | Hoodline

Eatsa offers a semi-automated, somewhat futuristic dining experience, with quinoa-based meals in a variety of preparations ordered via touchscreen or app and delivered into wall cubbies.

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Fry’s Family Food Launches New Nature’s Plant Protein Range

The Fry Family Food Company has launched a new 100% plant-based and vegan range, called Nature’s Plant Proteins. The range aims at offering great tasting, high protein meat replacements to both vegetarians and ‘flexitarians’. The range is created using proteins derived from grains, legumes, rice and superfoods – such as flaxseed, rice protein, quinoa and chia seeds.

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Enjoying pizza again with whole grain substitutes for wheat

Taking double passes; one on sugars (like granulated sugar and high fructose corn syrup), as well as on today’s ubiquitous highly-hybridized wheat sure isn’t easy. Many food products contain both, which makes it nearly impossible to find simultaneous replacements that contain neither.

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Major brands reverse course on genetically modified food labels

the Senate blocked a controversial measure that would have prevented states from passing initiatives like Prop. 37, such as the GMO labeling law due to roll out July 1 in Vermont. Days later, General Mills announced it would voluntarily add GMO labels to all of its products; fellow industrial food giants Mars, Kellogg Co.

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Seaweed ‘the next superfood,’ says Mintel

by Monica Watrous ANAHEIM, CALIF. – Seaweed may become “the next superfood,” said Stephanie Mattucci, global food science analyst at Mintel, Chicago. Food and drink product launches featuring seaweed flavors increased by 76% in North America between 2011 and 2015. Recent innovation in the seaweed snack category was on display at Natural Products Expo West, held March 10-13 in Anaheim.

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Organic farming in the EU

Today, organic farming plays an increasingly bigger role on the world’s agricultural stage. In the European Union, the use of organic agricultural land has almost doubled in recent years. Austria, the Czech Republic and Estonia have the highest proportion of organically farmed land in Europe. EU citizens are also increasing their demand for organic products.

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Here is this weeks round up of organic, gluten free and ancient grain news, including an interesting read about making cookies using ancient grains and more information on the opportunities opening up in Argentina – the country with the second largest chemical free surface area in the world, now with a new government which is pro exports and pro farmer.

Making Cookies With Ancient Grains and Seeds

More people are becoming aware of the health benefits of ancient grains and seeds, such as amaranth and chia seeds, but incorporating them into one’s diet is not always easy. That could change in the near future as Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists explore the physical properties of these foods, blending mixtures to make treats like sugar cookies that are tasty and good for your health.

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Argentina devotes 3 million hectares to organic production

According to Telam, after Australia, Argentina is the country with the biggest free of chemicals agricultural productive surface area in the world. Argentina exports 99% of the products it produces in this area to the United States and Europe. Highly difficult certification processes and ongoing audits support Argentina’s international reputation.

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Farmers worried as rain, hailstorm damage crops – Times of India

JAIPUR/JAISALMER: Current spell of rain and hailstorm in parts of Rajasthan raised the fears of kharif crop loss among farmers. Crops of mustard, cumin and isabgol (psyllium husk) in Jaislamer, Jodhpur, Sikar and Jhunjhunu, have witnessed significant damages. With sudden change in weather, crops in Pokhran sub-division of Jaisalmer faced massive damages.

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Senate to Vote on GMO Food Labeling Bill

WASHINGTON – The Senate will grapple this week with perhaps the most contentious issue in the food industry: whether the government should require mandatory labeling on foods containing genetically engineered ingredients. On Wednesday, the Senate is set to vote on a measure that would create voluntary national standards for labeling food with genetically modified ingredients.

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Plum Organics forging into new categories

by Monica Watrous ANAHEIM, CALIF. – Set to launch from Plum Organics, a business unit of the Campbell Soup Co., is a new line of organic cheddar crackers for toddlers called Mighty Dinos. In developing the product, Emeryville, Calif.-based Plum Organics leveraged the expertise of Campbell Soup’s Pepperidge Farm unit, which manufactures Goldfish crackers.

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Finsbury Food Group H1 sales up on organic growth, M&A

Finsbury Food Group, the UK baker, has reported improved half-year results, boosted by the recent acquisitions of Fletchers Group and Johnstone’s but also from the benefit of underlying growth. For the six months to 26 December, profit before tax was up 84%, or 22% on a like-for-like basis to GBP7.5m (US$10.6m).

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World’s most middle class spirit? Vodka made out of ‘super-grain’ quinoa

A retailer has unveiled the world’s most middle class spirit – vodka made out of ‘super-grain’ QUINOA. The grain, popular with foodies in super food meals, has been used by manufacturers to create an strong alcoholic Fair Trade drink trendy enough for hipsters to enjoy.

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There’s a certification for that

Time was, consumers trusted the producers who grew and processed the food they ate. Consumers, most of whom had ties to agriculture, knew how crops and livestock were grown and processed for the market.Not any more. The link between most consumers and agriculture has been severed. Consumers today ar

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Healthy Grains for Health and Profit. What are you doing about it?

The increased health benefits of the ancient grains are becoming more main stream as they become more widely accepted. This is bringing increased challenges to standard bakeries, manufacturers and restaurants who are either losing market share to this fast growing sector, or missing out on the profits that results from adding these grains to their profiles.

Often R&D is at a loss to know where to obtain the products, or even know their functions. Most do not understand that quinoa and chia flour can be added to standard mixes with only minimal changes to recipes and the manufacturing line, allowing for a fast a flexible inclusion of these grains.

What is more, production of these products has raised significantly in the last two years in particular, making these products much more affordable and palatable (literally) to the mass production market place. Who would have thought McDonalds would include quinoa salad on it menu, or Delta Airlines replace rice in its economy class meals, yes economy, with quinoa? This new main stream is more than an acknowledgment of perception, it is because this is what the market enjoys and wants.

How does this apply to your bakery or business?

Firstly what products are included in this mix of so called ancient grains, or superfoods (a term I hate, all food is super if used right)!

Let’s list a few: quinoa, amaranth, chia, Kaniwa, teff and millet.

All these products can be milled into flours for inclusion into bread products, popped for health bars and cereals and added as whole grains to bread mixes (some only if pre-cooked which is also available). They are also provided cooked and frozen for ready meals or extruded and flavoured for standalone snacks. The use of these grains is extensive; chia burgers, chia flour in the rolls, grains in the meat (they help it bond), vegetarian quinoa burger, and chia grains sprinkled on top of a roll, to name just a few uses. Think Ancient Grains, and open the mind to close the sale!

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News on organic grains, ancient grains, frozen fruit and other interesting updates from the food business world.

General Mills To Double Organic Acreage Sourcing To Meet Growing Demand For Natural And Organic Foods

General Mills announced released a statement that it plans to accelerate its commitment to more than double the organic acreage from which it sources organic ingredients.

General Mills executive vice president announced that the company expects to reach $1 billion in net sales from natural and organic products by 2019.

General Mills is the second largest buyer of organic fruit and vegetables in the North American packaged food sector, and by moving its $1 billion net sales target from 2020 to 2019, it’s showing it has no plans to slow down growth in this segment – having already increased the organic acreage it supports by 120 percent since 2009.

Since 2000, General Mills has acquired a portfolio of natural and organic brands that totaled $675 million dollars in pro forma net sales in Fiscal Year 2015, ranking General Mills the third largest natural and organic food maker in the U.S. The portfolio includes Cascadian Farm, Muir Glen, LÄRABAR, Liberté, Mountain High, Food Should Taste Good, Immaculate Baking, and Annie’s. In January, the company acquired meat snacks maker EPIC Provisions.

Sprout launches baby food with Puffed Quinoa and Ancient Grain baby crisps

The trend in Quinoa puffs and other forms of processed quinoa is becoming more apparent as Sprout announced a major expansion of its organic baby and toddler food line last week with the addition of 15 new purees and snacks, including the category’s first quinoa-based puff and ancient grain-based crisp products.

The launch happened at Expo West 2016 and the statement released by the company states “With over 50 SKUs now in its portfolio, Sprout is the only brand that has pledged to formulate its baby and toddler puree products with only organic, non-GMO whole fruits and vegetables, no concentrates, and no preservatives, fillers or thickeners.  Sprout is also the first brand to commit to honest labelling, ensuring the names of their varieties match the primary ingredients in the recipe.  To reinforce its commitment to transparency in labelling and ingredients, Sprout has added an honestly pledge to its baby and toddler puree packaging.”

They also released a range of whole grain and fruit snack made with sorghum, amaranth and quinoa with a taste and texture appropriate for toddlers – available in Apple Cinnamon and Blueberry flavors.

11% growth in natural and organic foods in the USA last year report that the segment is seeing growth as a result of consumer demand, with 57% of these sales coming from the mass market channel.  They report that “A key theme behind a number of trends in product development displayed at Expo West is a back-to-basics approach to food.”

Big growth in Exports from South America

Yuma News Now report on a trade mission of US businesses to Peru and Chile.

Quote: “South America has been one of the fastest-growing world regions for exports of U.S. farm and food products, and Chile and Peru have been among the most rapidly growing markets in the region,” said Vilsack. “I look forward to joining U.S. agricultural leaders to explore the many market opportunities that exist in this part of the world, particularly in light of the fact that both Chile and Peru are part of the TPP.”

Meanwhile in Argentina all the main newspapers are writing about a miracle in Argentina that is just normal in any other country: Macri as president has visited the Expoagro agricultural show and was the first president to attend in 10 years.  His visit was a huge sign of the support the agricultural sector can expect from him and his cabinet, and it’s great news for farmers and exporters alike.


He said that the agro is the main financial driver for the country and pledged extra investment to increase wealth and employment.

Angelina Jolie promotes Ancient Grains Diet

Ancient Grains gets a celebrity endorsement from Hollywood.  Last week, released an article about Angelina Jolie’s ancient grain diet: “She’s into eating products made from ancient grains and raves about their health benefits,”