Raspberry Harvest Update Bulgaria – June 2016

The season in Bulgaria for Raspberries is well underway now, with the Meeca variety harvest completed and work starting on the Heritage and Lulin varieties.

Raspberry Crop – Bulgaria June 2016

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TradeLink has been stressing the importance of protecting the organic crops from spray contamination from conventional farms and produce – this can happen in many different ways, on the farm, during transport and in the processing plant. As a double measure, we are undertaking third-party analysis on each shippment as a precuation to check for pesticides.

Bulgarian Raspberries June 2016 – sorting and packing

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Interesting Fact: Bulgaria is the 13th largest producer of raspberries in Europe

Bulgarian Organic Raspberries

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As a side note, organic strawberries from our growers in this region are also packed and tested, ready for export.


Blueberry Harvest Update Argentina – July 2016

The blueberry bushes are in full bloom now showing signs of an excellent crop ahead of us. These high bush cultivated blueberries will be harvested for freezing in September this year. The varieties we inspected in the Tucuman province of Argentina include Misty, Star, Jewel, Blue Crisp and Rebel with an expected output of 750 tonnes from this particular farm, which includes some organic blueberries as well.

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Blueberry farmers in the region have a lot going for them with a specialist technical team working in the region, provided by the Blueberry Growers Association, to help farmers ensure a healthy crop is harvested, free of fruit fly damage, which over the past years have migrated from the citrus plantations to the blueberry plantations.

Also work is underway at the Tucuman airport to double the capacity of airfreight from that airport, with work scheduled to be completed in time for this harvest of fresh bluebrries. This will benefit the blueberry growers in the region tremendously and is another sign that Argentina is becoming a much larger player in the supply of grain, seeds and fruit to the world.