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Tradelink is a globally connected team that specializes in the supply of organic, non-GMO and gluten-free products to processors, food manufacturers and CPG companies. We help farmers succeed by giving them access to the global marketplace. When you work with Tradelink, you diversify and secure the supply of the products you need, and you are able to purchase them with simplicity, confidence and quality as you would expect from domestic suppliers.

We provide unparalleled access to the global market.

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A trusted network across the globe

Our teams across North America, South America, Europe and Australia work tirelessly to identify and validate suppliers. From beginning to end, the food supply chain is all about people and we work hard to build trust along the entire network. If you’re a farmer or processor, we give you the opportunity to solidify your business by giving you access to North American ingredient and food manufacturers. And for those manufacturers wishing to diversify their supplier base, fill gaps and get ahead of demand, we provide a validated off-shore supplier network, import expertise and project management experience. We provide your procurement team with the horsepower and has had to consider resources they need to purchase ingredients internationally; a strategy that every manufacturer has had considered over the last couple of years, but one that many companies consider too difficult to undertake. We do this work every day, give us a call to discover how simple it is to locate, we do this work everyday; give us a call.

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Your partner in every project

People who’ve worked in the food industry know that every new food supply scenario has its hurdles. When short timelines exist, most companies do not have the bandwidth to manage the details of import, quality, logistics and documentation we do. Our goal is to provide you with dependability through problem solving. When you set the Tradelink team loose on your project, you can rest assured we will not waiver in our commitment to getting it across the finish line. We thrive on the execution of complex projects and we stay the course.

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All deliveries on time, every time

International freight management can be intimidating for those who are accustomed to only buying domestically. The documentation, legalese and vocabulary around overseas shipments requires is its own department! With our in-house logistics team, you just need to tell us the terms you prefer, give us 3 port-of-destination options and the location to which you want your trucks delivered and we take care of the rest. Our familiarity in this area also allows us to provide quick and competitive pricing and real-time shipping information during transit. Whether its tomato paste from Turkey, Gluten-Free oats from Chile or Organic Chia from Paraguay, we will deliver.

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Full product traceability

End users, grocery chains, and food and ingredient manufacturers want to know where their products come from, how they were grown and processed and who was involved. We provide this information in an up front and honest manner. We understand your trust only goes as far as our transparency. We’ve met the farmer, we have the documents ready to go, we understand the certifications you require and we’ve already been at the facility helping with testing. All this being said, if you want to meet the farmer, check on the crops or visit the facility to complete your own audit and shake the hands of the people in the field, we will handle every detail of your travel because it is our responsibility to connect you to the supply chain.

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