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Our products are only as good as our services. At Tradelink, we are passionate about delivering a world-class service that our customers need and deserve. From our complete project management service to our hand picked product suppliers and exceptional in-house logistics, our global team have everything they need to provide you with industry-leading services and product solutions.

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Project management

Complex projects are our specialty. When supply scenarios require in-depth knowledge of product attributes, functionality, and specialty certifications, we are at our best. Our ability to quickly appropriate human capital that meets our customer’s needs is what makes us unique. Nobody responds quicker and works harder to get your program to the finish line.

Key Features:

  • In depth needs analysis to understand your project.
  • Identify key suppliers, processing partners, and freight options to establish the project and provide an easy to understand proposal and quote.
  • Complete transparency throughout the project with weekly meetings and an established single point of contact.
  • On-time arrival to your agreed-upon location, with 24/7 global availability and real-time shipping information.

Global sourcing

The idea of employing an international procurement strategy can be intimidating for small to midsize food companies. We make it easy by utilizing our global team of procurement, quality and logistics experts. This allows you to locate, certify and receive a massive library of products with the same quality, simplicity and dependability as you would from a domestic supplier.

Key Features:

  • Access to an unmatched list of farmers, processors and suppliers that spans across the globe.
  • We are your boots on the ground. We build and manage all the relationships that are key to providing you with excellent services and products.
  • We review all our farmers and suppliers, and are in constant pursuit of new connections to maintain the supply chain and make sure we are providing the best produce.
  • Products are located, certified, and shipped on your behalf.

Supplier validation

Busy procurement teams rarely have the bandwidth to contact, validate and manage a book of international suppliers. The gathering of spec sheets, documents and audit reports can be overwhelming. As your boots on the ground, we do this work on your behalf and supply every detail you need to satisfy the demands of your quality team.

Key Features:

  • Our team performs in-person quality audits, sampling, testing and analysis to make sure we are supplying you with the best quality products.
  • We can manage 3rd party laboratories to be able to guarantee the supply chain.
  • We provide all the necessary food safety documentation for all your orders.
  • We are your boots on the ground to help reassure you that all the proccesses and supplies are validated to the highest level.

In-house logistics

As an International food supplier, we have the responsibility of building our business around logistics expertise. Our long-term relationships with carriers and decades of experience working within global shipping lanes allows us to deliver on time, every time.

Key Features:

  • We hold long partnerships with large carriers which help us deliver your product, even when freight conditions are tough.
  • Between our team we have decades of experience in moving industrial volumes of product by rail, air, sea and road.
  • Our team are experts in what they do with an intimate understanding of import documentation and requirements.
  • We have the ability to provide quick, competitive, clear pricing using the shipping terms you prefer.