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Quality is assured
with Tradelink

We understand the responsibilities that come with our position as an importer and distributor of international commodities and ingredients into North America.

Tradelink guarantees full traceability of our products. We take pride in offering you unmatched visibility into the supply chain. We are happy to provide you with direct access to farms and manufacturing facilities and we help you plan your trip. Depending on the product and the region, most of the products are covered by BRC or ISO certification, produced using HACCP principles and supplied with USDA, CERES or SGS compliance.

Food Industry Knowledge

We have been locating, certifying, and shipping food commodities and ingredients for 30 years. We know the language, understand the requirements, and are experienced in the required documents. We make the difficult easy, the complex simple and complicated straight-forward. We are a first in the field project management powerhouse that specializes in lowering the stress of your purchasing and operations teams by filling unexpected supply gaps and getting ahead of increased demand for the key ingredients that go into your primary products.

Setting the standard for shipping

Tradelink International is active in preventative measures to avoid any type of event which may cause quality issues. Measures in place before a shipment include fluid communications with growers in their own language, to ensure our requirements are fully understood as well as regular visits to the farms and processing facilities. We are your boots on the ground making sure our suppliers understand the standards required to export to discerning North American customers.

Shipment tracking

Each order is tracked by our operations staff and weekly updates are sent to our clients with information on the progress of the order. At any given time, our in-house logistics experts can tell you where your shipment is and when it is scheduled to arrive at your preferred destination.

Third Party Testing

To ensure our products stand up to your requirements, we don’t take anything for granted. Each lot is inspected and analyzed by a reputable third-party laboratory to ensure the product meets your specifications. We have a network of labs we work with but give you the freedom to choose testing partners you prefer and handle the sampling and shipping details on your behalf.