Three dots

Our sustainability

As an agricultural and food company Tradelink’s purpose is to help feed the world responsibly. The whole food chain depends on clean water, healthy soil, clean air and sunlight.

We are proud to maintain close relationships with many farmers worldwide, and are determined to help overcome these challenges by developing Organic agricultural models, building soil by selling regenerative commodities, securing the future for a new generation of farmers, and promoting animal welfare. We believe that to be successful over the long-term we need to create value for our shareholders and for society as a whole. This means protecting the future by making the right choices in an environment where water is increasingly scarce, natural resources are constrained and biodiversity is declining.

What we are doing to help

Reducing chemical use in production

We believe in Organic agriculture. The simplest short-term goal we can achieve is to increase the amount of Organic acreage around the world. We do this by proactively offering Certified Organic commodities and ingredients to the marketplace.

Reducing our carbon footprint

Our organization operates remotely and digitally around the globe. We only travel when necessary, avoid unnecessary paperwork and we employ the most efficient transportation methods available while developing and connecting our customers to local farming.

Increasing forestation

We work to increase production on existing arable lands and educate foreign farmers against the slashing and burning of virgin forests.

Promoting sustainable farming methods

We purchase multiple crop rotations and connect our customers to the grower. Through biodiversity we increase yields without the use of more chemicals and the tilling of virgin land.