Teff Flour

We now have stone ground teff flour available direct from Africa and also from the USA.  For our USA clients this is good news as we can now sell to them by the pallet load via our partner plant in the USA.

Not only is this versatile product used in the traditional way for the famous African flatbread called Injera, but it is useful in modern cooking for gluten free and high health food products. http://www.livestrong.com/recipes/teff-crepes-quick-injera/

Teff is a growing product, it catches the public’s attention the more its health benefits are known.

From a food  manufacturers point of view, for a relatively specialized product,  the prices are remarkably reasonable with stable supply lines and contract pricing available.

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Black Beans

The new harvest for Black beans is underway in Argentina with mixed results. 

The harvest in Salta is being damaged because of rains and humidity, while the crop in Cordoba is good. Brazil has high demand due to their own weather issues which  has made prices firm.

Organic product is limited, but also available for those that are quick.   For those who have not done so already, this week would be a good time to start locking in prices with the South American farmers.

Vegetable protein is one of the fastest growing ingredients in the food industry.   Global demand for protein is expected to triple in the next decade.   Already pea/bean/pulse proteins are entering a phase were demand is exceeding supply.chia-flour Chia protein is a high profile product which can give considerable market exposure and not only add protein to your products, but it also brings the added benefits of chia.

Prices for this product are the lowest they have been for the last five years as more volume generates scale.  The increased use of this excellent protein source into mainstream manufacturers has lighted the growing knowledge of the functionality of the product and it obvious benefits.

Chia Protein is organic, gluten free and GMO Free.    Contact us for more information.