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Case study

World Central Kitchen


593 Trucks
3,865 Tonnes of Food
9,231 Pallets

Who is World Central Kitchen?

World Central Kitchen (WCK) is a not-for-profit, nongovernmental organisation dedicated to providing meals to those affected by humanitarian, climate & community crises. WCK began their relief involvement in Ukraine just 24 hours after Russian invasion on February 24. Since then, the relief organisation rapidly scaled up operations, delivering millions of meals to Ukrainians, spanning more then 230 cities and towns. WCK have recently been announced as the largest food relief operation within Ukraine.

Client Need

In order to scale up these operations within Ukraine and support the fast deployment of food to isolated cities, WCK had an urgent requirement for large volumes of mixed ingredients to be delivered into Ukraine for use in nutritious shelf-stable food packs. The scale of operations required to ensure prompt delivery of food & meals to those affected by the conflict is staggering. WCK’s requirement from Santé was for 50 trucks per week, in a compressed time frame of just seven weeks. Product for these shelfstable meal packs included rice, salt, coffee, tinned meat, tinned fruit, flour, and UHT milk to list a few.

Santé Solution

WCK’S provision of food has been described as a lifeline to many affected by the conflict. Santé recognised that ensuring the supply of this essential product was critical and were pleased to be able to quickly present a full end-to-end supply & logistics solution to World Central Kitchen in response to their requirement. Our specialist approach to source & supply, meant Santé were able to present a solution that eliminated risk, guaranteed quality product & ensured supply, all within a brief seven-week period. Strong relationships with food suppliers and manufacturers across Europe enabled us to collectively scale up supplies to meet the massive food requirements, ensuring supply continuity and safe access to nutritious food for the most hungry and vulnerable. A Santé logistics hub situated close to the Poland / Ukraine border proved to be a perfect consolidation point to break down shipments and send out across Ukraine. Our team of logistics experts were able to leverage extensive networks and partnerships to ensure prompt and full delivery across the entire contract period.

End Result

As of 29th July, Santé had delivered 593 trucks as part of this relief operation within Ukraine – a total of 4865 tonnes of food. Extensive logistics and validated supplier networks enabled the best-risk mitigated source & supply solution of unprecedented scale, speed & effectiveness. World Central Kitchen were able to have total confidence in Santé’s ability to deliver on time, in full. We’re taking the most critical and complex buying processes and consolidating them into one single, simplified solution – Santé.