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Ukraine Embassy


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The Embassy of Ukraine in the UK

The Embassy of Ukraine in London is the diplomatic mission of Ukraine in the United Kingdom. It is the residence of government officials in the UK, representing Ukraine and providing services to members of their home country abroad.

Client Need

Support for Ukrainian residents is essential to the work of the Embassy of Ukraine in the UK. As the conflict continued to unfold and access to food became even more limited, the Embassy had an urgent requirement for rapid supply of processed foods in large volumes to be delivered in a short time frame into Ukraine. The Embassy were specifically looking for high-quality canned foods with a long shelf life, designed for easy distribution into Ukraine, and therefore needed an agile partner with both sourcing & logistics capacity to enable this rapid delivery.

Santé Solution

Santé were able to present a complete end-to-end source and supply solution to the Ukraine Embassy, for the supply of high-protein canned foods. The product was distributed across the country, helping to feed internally displaced citizens who were trying to flee from the conflict.

Our specialist logistics teams coordinated a large-scale logistics operation, managing a European-wide supply chain using trucks, rail and sea networks to ensure rapid delivery of all product. Santé worked with multiple stakeholders, including Polish government agency RARS to arrange the logistics and final-mile delivery within Ukraine, also working closely alongside Ukrainian Railway services.

End Result

Delivering the best risk-mitigated source & supply solutions of unmitigated scale, speed and effectiveness is central to our proposition. We specialise in de-risking the supply chain to provide real, measurable results for our clients. This contract with the Embassy of Ukraine in the UK saw a total of 37 trucks being delivered within two weeks, all product being delivered in full and on time.