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Case study

North America edible cookie dough


North America edible cookie dough


Conventional Gluten-free oat flour


Client needed a dependable, redundant gluten free oat flour supply chain. Flavor was big component. We imported gluten free raw material and utilized a North American milling partner to provide <10ppm gluten, great tasting oat flour that met the customer’s particle size requirements.

Specific Challenges Met

  • Stringent gluten-free requirements
  • Diversified oat supply chain into North America
  • Global logistics from South America to the United States

Tradelink Services Used

  • Global Sourcing
  • Logistics expertise
  • QA on-site testing
  • Supplier validation
  • Domestic milling partnerships

Desired Outcomes Achieved

Customer went through 2 rounds of testing using 2 different options we supplied. We stayed in constant contact and remained ready to move the option they chose. All documents and protocols were in place and we started moving product immediately after approval.

Quote from Sante Group staff about this project

“This program had some unique requirements that allowed us to utilize our expertise and partnerships in order to get the job done.”

Client Quotes

  • “This was the best performing oat flour we’d seen, a pound for pound match to our former supplier.”
  • “We’ve also approved Tradelink’s Tapioca Starch and plan to diversify that supply chain in addition to the oat flour.”