Teff Crop Harvested This Week!

We are pleased to inform you that our 2020 teff crop has just been harvested and cleaned this week! Being one of the smallest grains in the world, teff is a labour-intensive crop and requires significant soil preparation to ensure even sowing and proper seed depth.

Teff has excellent qualities and nutritional values. Being a multipurpose crop, it is used in bakeries, alcoholic drinks, baby foods and also for animal feed. While teff is great for Injera (the famous Ethiopian sourdough flatbread), it also allows for more options in gluten free baking. Our white teff is also available where extra whiteness is desirable.

Being a global supplier of teff, we strive to make this difficult grain a commercial reality for suppliers and users around the world, especially those catering to the gluten free market. Please contact sales@tradelinksa.com for more information!