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International Agriculture Day!


Our Argentine rice producers, with over 65 years in the rice industry, starting with its own mill. Today its an important agro-industrial company, with quality its main focus from the moment of planting and harvesting the rice, and the careful preparation of the products. .…. Read more…


The Covid-19 crisis made a tremendous impact on the economic condition globally. Farmers and producers are now taken essentially to help the economy back on its feet. The agriculture and food supply play an essential role during the crisis to avoid the spread of the Corona virus. Furthermore, the agriculture industry had improved incomesRead more


Wind and solar energy are now one of the most rapidly growing energy sources worldwide. With its increasing advantages, wind and solar energy are now helping farmers with not only an additional income but also productive crops and easier methods. In the United States, farmers are producing renewable energy by growing crops such as corn to make ethanol and soybeans..Read more


A focus on products

Chickpea Market

Chickpea prices are forecasted to increase due to the global market’s tight supply, including the global industry’s position where production and marketing are not yet completely regained. Although importers hardly get an adequate volume of chickpeas globally, most acres are forecasted to be seeded with other crops this spring  instead of Kabuli chickpeas. 

In the recent Virtual National Pulses Seminar, India reports an estimated 350,000 MT of Kabuli chickpeas in PAN India for the seeding season in Oct-Nov 2021. Although India is one of the top producers of pulses, the total yields decline by 25-30% this year  … 

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Canadian Beans

For the crop year 2021-22, Canada forecasted a seeded area of dry peas to an area of 1.55 million ha, which is a 10% decline from last year’s total seeded area and hardly falling at 4.0 million MT. Although dry peas continue to be a rotational crop, the production still drops due to the high world supply and carry-out stocks. Subsequently, export volume is forecasted to decrease. The average prices of dry peas are anticipated  to fall following the yellow dry pea prices 

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Global Beans blog

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought the world a new outlook, especially on how consumers pick their food. Dry beans are one of the many agricultural products forecasted to increase, having a CAGR of 4.3% for the forecast year 2021-2026 due to their long shelf life. Consumers redirect their meal plans to a healthier lifestyle, improving their immune system. Dry beans are regarded as an alternative to protein  nd provide other nutrients,

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Robots is an increasing demand in the agriculture sector in the past few years. Harvesting crops is the traditional application of robots, but technology is revamping the ways to help farmers grow their crops at ease and a lower cost. Apart from harvesting applications, recent years introduce robots or drones for cloud seeding, sowing seeds, weed control, soil analysis, and environmental monitoring. Research says that by 2025, the agricultural robots’ market could potentially reach USD11.58 billion in value.Read More



For fast food restaurants, the coronavirus pandemic caused establishments to rethink concepts, tweak menus and adapt to new measures. Trends that started years ago will continue to be accelerated and budding innovations will keep growing…..Read More


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