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Just in case you missed out on our end of year message! We hope you have had a great start to the New Year and have an wonder 2021.


People are becoming more and more aware of the difficulties faced by those who suffer from gluten intolerance.  As a result, there has been an increased demand for gluten-free products in the market. One of the   Read more…


Our organic natural sesame seeds are grown in the rich, fertile soil from some of Paraguay’s purest lands, and are processed in our certified BRC facilities. The Paraguayan quality has gained confidence in the international markets, in fact today this product is considered premium in Japan. The Japanese market buys 70% of domestic production and the rest is aimed at Taiwan, Korea, China, Europe, the Middle East,  Mexico... Read more


The chickpea flour market tops the cooking and baking industry. The increasing demand for chickpea flour is based on its high nutritional value, it is known as an excellent source of protein and fiber, as well as being cholesterol-free. It contains vitamins and minerals such as folate, manganese, amino acids, complex carbohydrates, and proteins. Chickpeas are grown in tropical and sub-tropical countries such India, Myanmar, Australia, Turkey…        Read more


Market Updates

Lentil Market Update

Lentils are legumes under the families of beans, peanuts, chickpeas, and soybeans. It has been used for years in cooking throughout Asia, Europe, and North Africa like bakery, breading, snacks, beverages, and meat.

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Cacao Powder

Cacao powder is harvested from a large pod of cacao fruit containing around 60 beans in a pulp. The process continues when the beans are dried, fermented, crushed, fat removal….

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Freekeh Market

Freekeh is an ancient strain of wheat that hails from the Middle East. Named as one of the top 100 foods of 2017, our Freekeh is made from Australian grown soft, young durum wheat grain. 

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Lentil Facts

Lentils are an inexpensive way of getting a wide scope of nutrients. It is full of magnesium, potassium, zinc, iron, minerals, and B vitamins. Lentils contain 25% of protein, which is a perfect meat alternative. Depending on the types of lentils, a cup or 198 grams of cooked lentils generally contributes to

  • Carbs – 39.9 grams
  • Calories – 230 grams
  • Copper – 25% of the Reference Daily Intake (RDI)
  • Fat – 0.8 grams
  • Fiber – 15.6 grams

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The importance of shipping in supporting and sustaining today’s global society makes it indispensable to the world. As the world’s population continues to grow, particularly in developing countries, low-cost and efficient maritime transport has an essential role to play in growth and sustainable development...Read More



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