This weeks organic, gluten free and ancient grain news – 18/04/2016

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TradeLink Internationals weekly round up of organic, gluten free and ancient grain news from around the world.
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Check Your Health: All about ancient grains

(KUTV) Joy Musselman, registered dietitian nutritionist at Mckay-Dee Hospital talked about ancient grains. Should you be eating more of them? What are ancient grains? While there is no set definition, ancient grains are commonly referred to as those grains that have experienced little change over the last two-to-three hundred years or more.

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Kellogg’s unveils time-travelling VR experience

Kellogg’s transported Londoners to ancient Egypt for the launch of its new Ancient Legends product range at the British Museum recently. Attendees donned virtual reality (VR) headsets, and they ate the Kellogg’s cereal while sitting at a table with queen Cleopatra. The 360-video also let them look around the elaborate palace and glimpse the pyramids in the background.

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Ancient grains with new bite

Are you familiar with freekeh? How about Kamut? And amaranth or emmer? Known as ancient grains, and found in the rice and grain aisle at grocery stores, these old grains are new again. With roots that trace back centuries and once found mainly at health food and specialty stores, ancient grains are becoming more mainstream at your local grocery stores.

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Kamut pasta: Pasta made from ancient grains carries history as well as flavor

At a fancy restaurant in Rome, recently, I found myself debating the existence of Kamut pasta with Maureen Fant, an authority on the subject. I was not winning. Fant is an American-born food writer who has lived most of her life in Rome and recently co-wrote the award-winning book, “Sauces & Shapes: Cooking Pasta the Italian Way.”

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Pei Wei Spices Up Menu with Quinoa for a Limited Time

Pei Wei is giving guests a new way to boost nutrition and flavor in their customizable meals with the introduction of quinoa on the menu. It is the first Asian-inspired fast casual to offer quinoa, which will be available at Pei Wei’s more than 200 restaurants through July 4.

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Quinoa is here to stay at local restaurants

If you’ve been in almost any restaurant in the last year, chances are good you’ve seen quinoa on the menu. Unlike other food trends that come and go, I think quinoa is in a different category entirely and is here to stay.

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Bundelkhand farmers find way to beat drought – Times of India

After giving half a century to traditional farming of pulses and wheat, whose yield has been continuously depleting due to drought or erratic rains, 62-year-old farmer Jagmohan Rajpoot of Rigwara Khurd village in Rath, Hamirpur can look forward to a new lease of life-in cultivation of quinoa, a cash crop that requires minimal irrigation and fetches high price in the international market.

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Costco Is Selling So Much Organic Produce, Farmers Can’t Keep Up

Costco CEO Craig Jelinek told investors about the effort at the company’s annual shareholder meeting in Bellevue, Washington, earlier this year. “We cannot get enough organics to stay in business day in and day out,” he said. The company has only embarked on a pilot program so far, The Seattle Times reports.

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Australian scientists launch gluten-free beer

In a world-first, Australian scientists have managed to make one of the nation’s favourite drinks gluten-free. CSIRO’s Kebari barley has been used to create the world’s first commercially produced, full flavoured, barley-based gluten-free beer. The drink will not be available in Australia however, instead launching in Germany.