Tapioca Starch Market Update

The global tapioca market is expected to grow by 2475.60  tons during 2020-2024, progressing at a CAGR of 1% during the forecast period. It is expected to reach USD 19.3 billion by 2027. The U.S. Market alone is Estimated at $4.6 Billion. Chinas forecast is to reach a projected market size of US$3.7 Billion by the year 2027.

Tapioca, grown in almost 90 countries, is a leading source of starch after corn and wheat and represented 8% of the starch produced globally. However Latin America stands out for its quality and texture, is a major producer in this region are Paraguay and Brazil.

Paraguay Production

In Paraguay, the cultivation provides food livelihoods to over 240,000 small producers and economic income to them, as well as stimulating employment. This section survived and even thrived during the pandemic; however, the 2021 harvest is expected to be delayed due to recent droughts which delayed planting.

The cultivated area is about 185,000 Hectares, and although there has been huge progress and development over the last 25 years, there has been no recent progress on production technology innovation.

Brazils Production

In Brazil, Paraná is the largest Brazilian producer of cassava starch, producing 70% of the country’s tapioca. Also surviving the complications presented by the pandemic, over 19 million tons were produced in Brazil last year. An average of 45,000 tons of Tapioca starch is produced per month, which increased to over 55,000 tons in the last months of the 2020 year.

Another main growing area in Brazil is Amapá, where cassava production grew almost 4% in 2020. 112,000 tons of tapioca was grown, 3.81% of what was recorded in the previous year (108,000 tons).

2021 is already being presented with excessive rainfall, causing diseases and pests in the crops. 

This industry is driven globally by a growing demand for industrial use, rising demand for sweeteners, and increasing consumption of processed foods. Our Tapioca Starch is used in many applications across various industrial sectors such as:

  • Sweeteners
  • MSG/Lysine
  • Food Industries  
  • Paper Industries
  • Modified Starch
  • Sago Pearl
  • Textile

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