Sustainable Organic Rice Supply

We have great supply with finest quality which we have controlled from the fields up until shipping. We can also offer stock with immediate delivery in the USA, with no importation hassles.

  • Organic Rice
  • White or Brown
  • Long Grain
  • Rice Flour

The rice season in Argentina is starting now and hopes of increasing production this year are high. Environmental conditions have been favourable, due to adequate solar radiation and fair weather.  Although successive fuel increases resulted in an increase last year in the cost of production, the price of rice remains stable and competitive.

The estimate for world rice production has also been raised slightly, and the global rice utilization in 2020/21 is seen to reach an all-time high of 514 million tonnes. As a result, world rice stocks at the close of 2020/21 are pegged at 183 million tonnes, marginally changed from the previous month’s forecast and their opening levels. It is estimated that the world trade in rice in 2021 (January-December) will be close to 48 million tonnes. This level would imply a 6.0 percent annual trade expansion.

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