Sustainable, non GMO beans and pulses

Grown in different regions of the country, Argentina produces a variety of pulses, including peas, garbanzo beans, and a variety of beans (white, black, red, cranberry, and mung).

Advances in science and technology have opened new opportunities to transform Argentinas agricultural activity and generated conditions to develop more diversified production schemes. With 95% of the production being exported to over 90 countries, cultivation of beans and legumes maintain the quality and mineral balance of soil and they have an important role in nutrition and global food security.

We believe quality starts in the fields and our supply lines are carefully monitored and tested.



Pulse Exports 2016 – 2019

Tradelinks bean crops will be available as of June so we are currently closing contracts with our loyal customers!

Please see the range we can offer below:
• Cranberry Beans
• White Kidney Beans
• Light Red Kidney
• Dark Red Kidney
• Black Beans
• Chickpeas
• Mung Beans

Also available from partner growers is lentils, pinto, navy and other beans and pulses.

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