Supplying the growing global demand for commodities arising from developing economies and world population growth

Global population has quadrupled over the century from 1.3 billion in 1915 to more than 7.5 billion now. Since its rising with an increasing rate, the demand for agriculture and food items is also driving up as people consume more protein and meat. Now it is a great issue for the economist worldwide to come up with solutions to meet this global demand for agriculture production and food.

In the coming years, a great change in the agriculture sector will be noticed. Farmers will inherit different techniques, use new fertilizers and adopt modern technology to raise the production of their crops. Also, government and international sectors will enforce new land laws and update their policies on agricultural land to maximize the production area.  urbanization will slow down and more focus should be on using land for growing crops and supplying more food.

Investment in agriculture should be increased by making supportive policies and creating a favorable investment climate. Government and other organizations should maintain a balance of all the production and stop the illegal supply of food. Crops being sell in the black market doesn’t count in the GDP thus disturbing the distribution of food worldwide, which should be discouraged by making strict laws against such actors. Small farmers and other landlords should be encouraged to make the best of their land and supply more food by giving them interest-free loans and making better agricultural policies.

Consumers and sellers should have clear communication for the need to change any unsuitable policy and create a balance of demand and supply chains. Companies and businessmen involved in the food supply chain should act in better ways and work together to better understand the problems arising due to population growth and stagnant food supply, thus coming up with solutions and suitable trade laws. In developing countries, the government should provide an incentive for investment in the regions where there is a possibility of better food production. Also, it is now possible to grow biotech plants to produce more food in a smaller land. New technologies and researches should be made to reach the needed production of food consuming lesser land. In a fewest possible words, the population of the globe will increase rapidly by 2050, which automatically will double the food demand. Therefore, it is imperative to increase food production globally to maintain food security.

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