Short-term outlook for EU agricultural markets

Being a component of modern agriculture that has been practiced in many cultures, animal production is unlikely to present shortages in the near future. Most livestock farming practices have shifted to intensive animal farming, therefore milk and pig production are automated to a large extent and fodder has been purchased over the winter.
Some farms are still using their stock of silage, grain and maize.

However, here we see a stronger dependence on deliveries of fodder based on soybeans and other feed components. Much will be determined by the fodder industry’s ability to produce and deliver in the weeks ahead.

We don’t see a need to assume a large-scale systemic problem, however the main bottleneck is the trade and deliveries of fodder, and the imports of soybeans from Latin America and possibly other feed substances.

To sum up the perspective of this season, for the large part crop and animal production may only be affected by the coronavirus crisis in isolated cases, for example if a farming household gets infected. The situation of food markets should be stable and even harvests this year will not substantially decrease – especially given the poor yields from the two last seasons in Germany due to drought.

Imports into the EU from the Rest of the World
# Product Quantity in tonnes

1 Cake, soybeans   18,553,851
2 Soybeans   14,473,475
3 Maize   12,006,633
4 Oil, palm   6,637,016
5 Wheat   5,531,324
6 Bananas   5,431,240
7 Rapeseed   3,282,835
8 Coffee, green   2,963,002
9 Sugar Raw Centrifugal   2,235,061
10 Cake, palm kernel   2,191,698
11 Rice – total (Rice milled equivalent)   1,824,760
12 Cocoa, beans   1,665,934
13 Oil, sunflower   1,408,231
14 Oil, palm kernel   694,316
15 Oil, coconut (copra)   512,345
16 Beans, dry   473,184
17 Avocados   445,205
18 Barley   339,433
19 Oil, soybean   301,960
20 Cake, rapeseed   256,048


Self-Sufficiency Ratio for grain production in the EU (2018/19) – %

Soft Wheat   108
Barley   120
Durum Wheat   90
Maize   84
Rye   94
Sorghum   92
Oats   99
Triticale   99
Grain total   101

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