Quinoa Market Report May 2021

Over the years, the value of global quinoa market had been increasing significantly, surpassing 72 billion U.S. dollars in 2020. Quinoa is almost exclusively grown in South America. In line with the exorbitant increasing quinoa demand from developed countries, the global price saw a tremendous growth from 2010 to 2014. As of December, 2020, a kilogram of quinoa cost around 1.8 U.S. dollars on average worldwide.

Tradelinks Quinoa harvest for 2021 has begun, and hence a new cycle! This year’s yield is low; as much as 30% less quinoa will be harvested than last year. Additionally, several exporters hold onto quinoa stock thanks to low-cost promotion financing Peruvian Government issue to mitigate Covid impact on the national economy.

Quinoa demand in the U.S.

Our biggest demand comes from the United States, which is the biggest importer of quinoa, followed by Canada and Germany. The U.S. import value of quinoa amounted to over 101 million U.S. dollars in 2020. In that year, most of the U.S. quinoa imported from both Bolivia and Peru. In 2018, the value of quinoa consumption in the United States amounted to about 61.32 million U.S. dollars. Quinoa consumption was estimated to reach a value of 117.12 million U.S. dollars by 2024.

Our Quinoa reaches all over the globe!

About the Quinoa Plants

As always, at Tradelink we strive for sustainable and ethical supply, and with our boots on the ground, we keep close control on the crops from planting through to harvesting, to ensure the product arrives at our clients in perfect condition. For more information, please email sales@tradelinksa.com.