Quinoa fields

South America is one of the largest exporters of Quinoa in the world, with Peru and Bolivia being one of the major producers. The rise in imports from the region is primarily attributed to consumer perception of its health, nutritious properties. In order to meet this demand from international markets, countries such as Peru and Bolivia have ramped up their production by using improved varietals and nutrition.

Quinoa (kee-nwa) is mostly produced in Peru and Bolivia, but new regions are increasing their production, such as Ecuador, Argentina, Canada, the EU and also Australia, and experiments are also being conducted in regions such as India, where there would be a huge benefit to people in need there due to the nutritional content of the Quinoa.

In South America, Quinoa is grown successfully at sea level with other crops, as well as high up the Andes mountians, like on the Altiplano in Peru, 3900m above sea level, or en the “Salares del Sur” in Bolivia, 3600m above sea level, where other crops struggle to be successful. It is a crop that adapts to different cliamtes very well.

Check out the photos taken this week of the beautiful quinoa fields!

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