Our Search for Cassava Flour

When one of the worlds largest companies enquired as to Organic Cassava Flour, our product development guys got onto it and quickly identified the main growing regions and where we could source organic product with a fully traceable supply chain.

It wasn’t easy, the journey took us through Asia, Africa and many parts of South America in our search for the ideal product. Its not only traceability, its quality of the root, humidity in the region, starch content, sustainability of supply amongst other details that make what seems to be a simple project a very complex one.

In this journey we stopped off at Brazil and added conventional cassava flour to our project, launching the first loads shortly after. Our organic project took us to Sri Lanka and back to South America, where we did many trials to find the perfect product.

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QA control on fields

Our QA team thoroughly check the environment, field preparation, soil quality, pest and disease management, and irrigation systems to ensure we are delivery what we promise, finest quality organic cassava flour.






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Our search didn’t end once we found the product, our relentless team are present during harvest to ensure careful labour, and also making sure it is transported immediately to the mills to preserve the cassava.




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The product is milled with utmost care and dedication at state-of-the-art mills. The current capacity is over 480mt per month of finished flour depending on the mesh size amongst other factors.

The product is received, washed, then filtered for any impurities prior to being peeled and then ground milled. The mill, like all processing plants used, is a pre audited plant and pre-approved by TradeLink and the strictest QA procedures which ensure the quality of the product.



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Packaging, Shipping and Quality control

Our flours are available in 25kg sacks, or 1000kg totes, as well as retail packs of all sizes. For conventional product, our containers are lined with corrugated cardboard to protect the food items during transit.

To ensure our products are shipped as agreed, we don’t take anything for granted. Each shipment is carefully inspected at time of loading and samples are sent to a reputable third party laboratory for batch specific COAs. TradeLink is transparent with their quality controls sharing images of the inspection and loading procedure with their customer.   

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The most important part of Tradelink’s QA system is at the loading, its our last point of contact with the product and the last opportunity to ensure total satisfaction.

Steps taken to ensure this are:

  • Third party certified company inspection of the load, normally SGS.
  • Sampling by third party company + register of different samples each with batch numbers and seals.
  • Complete certificate of analysis completed.
  • Complete loading photos.
  • Live loading updates for customer.

Further to this, samples are tested in European or US labs, or the lab of the clients choice for all key control points.

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Quality and Service, the only true bargain. TradeLink never ceases to support its clients in the whole delivery, importing and after sale process. Samples are retained for 3 months after loading so to ensure the integrity of the analysis are preserved. Updates on our shipments are sent every week and the client is keep updated on a daily basis if needed. Our post sale service to attend to any needs that the client could have.


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