Our Links with Australia and Argentina

Our links with Australia and Argentina have been going for over 24 years now, and with Argentina being the second largest highly diversified economy in South America, agribusiness is a sector in which Argentina and Australia are natural partners.

Australia’s 2019-20 wheat harvest will be the smallest in over a decade, businesses are seeking to import certain classes of bulk grain from overseas. This grain is then processed into stockfeed and milling products.
Bulk grain imports have historically been sought for a variety of commercial reasons. This includes supplementing short supplies of domestic grain during drought periods

Australia is unlikely to produce the large volumes of the high protein wheat required, however this will depend on rainfall received between now and the end of autumn (May 2020) are expected to continue falling as the country battles multi-year drought and water issues.

Australia has strict requirements and a long-established policy to ensure that importing bulk grain, that’s where Argentinas primary sector – internationally renowned for its high productivity levels and use of advanced technologies – comes to help with the supply needs.

New Zealand and Argentina have a long history of agricultural cooperation, including advocacy for freeing up global agricultural trade and promoting sustainable agricultural production. New Zealand promotes trade and farm expertise with Argentina, grain production and trade dates back to the late 1880s and early 1900s when large areas of wheat were grown for the fledgling flour milling and baking industry.

Total grain and feed (including oil-seed meal) consumption in New Zealand is currently estimated at around 5.8 to 5.9 million metric tons (MMT) – with approximately 63 percent of the total grain and feed supply being imported – and the dairy sector accounts for nearly 75 percent of grain and feed consumption.

The New Zealand grain and seed industry operates in a totally free economy. It has no import or export tariffs, exchange controls or government interference. Argentina has a wealth of natural resources, and we are happy to be your quality assured supply option. Please email sales@tradelinksa.com for more information!

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