Organic Tapioca Syrup Now Available!

High in starch, tapioca syrup is commonly used in the production of other foods or as a replacement for corn syrup, sugar, honey, maple syrup and molasses in baked goods. Tapioca syrup provides the sweetness needed in a natural way. When used as a binding agent, tapioca helps to keep foods such as meats from drying out after they are processed.

Depending on the application, tapioca syrup can impart a rich flavor or be used as a color-and-flavor-neutral base for confections and beverages. The syrups are highly soluble and provide immediate, long-term and balanced energy release through the distribution of simple and complex carbohydrates.



As always, QA is our priority, every order is inspected and analysed by a reputable third party laboratory. Also orders are tracked by our operations staff and weekly updates are sent to our client with information on the progress of the order.

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