Organic Sesame Seed from Paraguay

Our organic natural sesame seeds are grown in the rich, fertile soil from some of Paraguay’s purest lands, and are processed in our certified BRC facilities. The Paraguayan quality has gained confidence in the international markets, in fact today this product is considered premium in Japan. The Japanese market buys 70% of domestic production and the rest is aimed at Taiwan, Korea, China, Europe, the Middle East, Mexico, and Central America.

Organic natural sesame seeds are produced by smallholder farmers. We have strong connections with our Paraguayan producers, who are families that been growing natural organic sesame seeds for decades and now export to over 17 countries around the world.

Domestic production from small producers last year was about 15,500 tonnes, and approximately 10,000 tonnes of oil sesame, making a total of 25,500 tonnes. There are good prospects for 2021 and we see no threat of price variation in the international market.

Sesame has been an emerging income item in Paraguayan peasant family farming for about ten years, and has been replacing traditional cotton. Sesame requires intensive labour, which adapts to the reality of family producers, a sector where there is low use of technology.

Organic sesame is an alternative area of production that is increasing among small producers, pushed along by the growing demand of international markets, mainly because of consumers becoming more conscious of healthy products, free of toxic waste.

The Organic Sesame Technology Project which has been in place for the last few years, has helped introduce the appropriate technology for the producers, including joint marketing and a post-harvest system of the organic sesame.

Along with our producers, we source Organic Sesame seeds with full transparency & traceability. We are constantly upgrading our sustainable food system, constantly controlling the product quality, safety and the dissemination of technology. If you would like more information please click here and or email We look forward to hearing from you!



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