Organic Flours – A Complete Solution

With flour sales surging around the world, Tradelink continues to supply a wide range of consistent, high quality and high performing organic flours, available in bulk, and retail own brand packaging.

Organic flours from Argentina, where the land has the richness of the soil, moderate climate, skilled farmers, and plenty of water resources. The organic flours we offer are all stone-milled in our factory that uses modern technology and applies strict quality control standards to avoid cross-contamination issues. Stone milling is the only way to retain all the fiber, amino acids, enzymes, fiber, and vitamins contained in the grains.

More About Organic Flours
Organic flours, also called functional flours or specialty flours, are different from traditional flours in a way that they are hydro-thermally processed for a range of food & beverage industry applications. Being an integral part of baking as well as a vital ingredient in a lot of recipes, organic flours can be used for making premium quality and healthier food products.

Specialty Flours
Demand for plant-based protein is rapidly growing around the world, and we want to offer a full range of solutions that best meet our customers’ needs. Our range of organically grown and stone-milled specialty flours includes:

• Amaranth flour
• Wheat flour
• Arrowroot flour
• Buckwheat flour
• Cassava flour
• Chickpea flour
• Chia flour, defatted
• Chia flour
• Green split pea flour
• Milled flax
• Yellow split pea flour
• Sorghum flour
• Teff flour
• Rice flour, white
• Rice, brown flour
• Quinoa flour
• Sweet potato flour
• Psyllium husk
• Tapioca starch
• Cacao powder
• Maca powder

The products we offer are complemented by services and solutions aimed at helping customers build top-line growth, improve profitability, manage commodity risk and respond to changing consumer preferences.

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