Organic and Decorticated Chickpeas

Argentina’s pulse sector has been diversifying markets for the past few years, and is now one of the major producers and exporters of beans, ranking 5th worldwide and ranking 7th in the chickpea market. Its strengths lie in the recent higher-level technical and productive potential for agro-industrial and export development, as well as the diversification of products available.  

The production for 2020 is estimated at 120 thousand tons, with over 80% going towards exports. Given all the external constraints that the special crops sector has, such as climate, international dollar price, falling prices and large stocks of chickpea available in the world, there has been a constant increase in the area sown since 2004. Argentina’s booming pulse exports reflect the world’s growing appetite for pulses as consumers become increasingly aware of their health, nutritional and environmental benefits.

With Chickpeas being a strategic advantage is that its production is sold almost entirely abroad, Argentina can respond faster to global demand than other sources, without an increase in domestic consumption affecting its exports. The chickpea market size has the potential to grow by USD 4.68 billion during 2020-2024, and the market’s growth momentum will accelerate during the forecast period, Argentina is able to take the lead in supplying the needs during this potential growth. To generate improvement of the Argentine chickpea, as of January 2020 the National Seed Institute issued a resolution stating that the Chickpea Seed must be marketed with the Identified category. Researchers are also working on the development of chickpea varieties with higher yields, better quality and tolerance.

For the pulses market, the global pandemic of Covid-19 was not all bad news: consumption, far from declining, increased due to the need of families to guarantee the supply of protein. According to experts, an increase in consumption was detected globally and in some specific cases the demand was close to  200 percent more. 

Tradelink can offer Organic and Decorticated Chickpeas direct from the Argentine farms. To ensure our products stand up to your requirements, we don’t take anything for granted.  Each lot is inspected and analysed by a reputable third party laboratory to ensure the product matches or exceeds the specifications agreed to.

Each one of our orders are tracked by our operations staff and weekly updates are sent to our client with information on the progress of the order, shipping information and any issues we foresee, such as delays in the shipping channels or ports. We guarantee full traceability of its products entirely complying with your demands. Please email for more information!