Organic and Conventional Chickpeas Available

Being one of the worlds largest exporters of beans, Argentina exports to more than 90 countries. Counting all legumes, including navy, cranberry, mung, and black beans, there are more than 15 varieties sent around the world.

Chickpeas are sold to the consumer dry or tinned and in the industry can be used as a flour for manufacturing products like pasta and baked snacks or used whole in ready meals, soups and salads. They are also often sold whole, dry, with coatings of different types, both sweet and savoury.

To generate improvement of the Argentine chickpea, as of January 2020 the National Seed Institute issued a resolution stating that the Chickpea Seed must be marketed with the Identified category. Researchers are also working on the development of chickpea varieties with higher yields, better quality and tolerance.

Argentinas strength is the recent higher-level technical and productive potential for agro-industrial and export development, and also the diversification of the basket of products available.

We are happy to offer Organic and Conventional Chickpeas, available in A Grade, Milling Grade, Decorticated and Chickpea flour. Please email for more information!