Launching Organic Argentine Raisins

Tradelink is now able to offer Organic Argentine Raisins, picked directly from the farms which gives us the ability to trace the fruit from farm to the customer!  Our Organic Flame Raisin comes from the flame seedless red grape and are large (1.5 cm), plump, dark red and super sweet-tart. The Organic Thomson Raisins are from seedless sultana grapes, small and sweet, and have a golden colour.

Over ninety percent of Argentine raisins are produced in San Juan Province alongside the Andes mountains in western Argentina. They have high standards of quality and uniformity due to the application of good agricultural practices shared by the producers.

Our raisins are processed using the dehydration method DOV. The DOV (Dried on Vines) system is increasingly in use by producers due to its improved quality, it is also possible to find fruits with different colors, flavors, and above all the absence of mineral residues.


  • No stones.
  • No embedded grit.
  • No embedded sand.
  • No animal contamination.
  • No human contamination.
  • Fewer embedded stems.

With high-tech equipment and state-of-the-art processing plants, we are able to provide our customers with superior quality Organic Raisins. Argentina’s raisin production is forecast stable at 44,000 metric tons (MT) in CY 2020. Exports are forecast up to 40,000 MT on higher production over last year ) due to favorable conditions during the production season.

The raisin sector has benefitted from recent capital investment for the incorporation of new technology to obtain larger raisin volumes for processing and a higher-quality, more competitive product for export. This investment includes the incorporation of laser and x-ray technology to improve speed, efficiency, and accuracy for mechanical harvesting and processing. Private investments have also focused on irrigation systems to optimize water usage.

Read more on our raisins here, or email!


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