Jasmine Rice Available

Jasmine rice is a variety of Oryza sativa, a long grain variety of rice that has a delicate floral aroma and a soft, sticky texture when cooked. Jasmine rice has a distinct fragrance reminiscent of pandan-leaves and popcorn, which is the result of natural aromatic compounds of the rice plant. It’s named after the jasmine flower, to celebrate its perfume and white translucence. Due to its fiber content, brown jasmine rice tends to be lower in calories and carbs than white rice.

 Our understanding and connection with our farmers, coupled with on-site operation control, allows us to have close monitoring of every stage of our production process from cultivation to processing and even up to final delivery. Every stage adheres to the best standard practices.


Jasmine rice is grown in large flat fields which becomes intense green as the rice paddy matures before harvest. Once harvested the panicles should be sun dried along the edge of the paddy field for no longer than three days, so the grains do not become brittle because of irregular exposure to the sun during the day and dew at night. Completely sun-dried rice will help preserve the quality and attributes of the grains when stored in silo bags.

After separating the rice grain from the outer shell, it is then processed in modern milling machines, which cleans the rice first, removes the shell, polishes the rice, sorts it and puts in a bag using a consecutive process. There are no additives, no chemicals, whiteners, or anything else added in the operation.

TradeLink International is active in preventative measures to avoid any type of event which may cause quality issues or a delay in the customers supply chain. Measures in place before a shipment include fluid communications with growers in their own language (usually Spanish) to ensure our requirements are fully understood as well as regular visits to the farm.

We look forward to hearing from you at sales@tradelinksa.com if you would like more information!