IQF Blueberry Demand


Due to the vastness of its territory, its climatic amplitude and the fertility of its soils, Argentina has the agro-ecological conditions required for the production of high quality fine fruits. With an area of almost 280 million hectares, of which 180 are completely devoted to agricultural production. Argentina is an important actor in the international fruit scene. During the past decade, important investments have been made, incorporating new varieties, modernizing production, selection, packaging and harvesting technologies, as well as strict sanitary and quality controls.

Due to the demand for IQF Blueberries, the best time to negotiate supply is before the harvest where TradeLink can work with you and our growers to secure supply of Blueberries, graded and packed to your specifications. TradeLink supplies both wild and cultivated blueberries. Blueberry plantations cover a little more than 2,800 hectares and in recent years reached exports of over 17,000 tons. Click here to read more on our blueberries.

Raspberry crops cover 300 hectares that are located in the mountains of the Central Region and in the Andean plateau of Patagonia. The production turns 75% to the industry and the rest is aimed at domestic consumption.

We work with a modern plant for freezing fruit (IQF: Individual Quick Fruit) through a dynamic tunnel. Pre-ordering your blueberry stock is a way to guarantee stock and lock in your costs and for the farmer this provides a guarantee that his stock will be sold. From the orchards to your company, we manage every detail of growing, processing, freezing and delivering our Grade A Frozen Fruit. Our IQF Blueberries are inspected throughout the process to assure a clean, wholesome product.

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