Great Quality Jasmine Rice Available

Being the second largest rice producer in the world, Vietnam is know to have the richest agricultural regions for rice cultivation. Their southern and northern delta and the highlands of the north make up the 3 ecosystems that dictate the rice culture.

Vietnam has 8 rice types to offer the export market, with Jasmine Rice being one of the most popular. Jasmine rice is the long grain rice which is well known for its fragrance and taste. In the 11th annual worlds Best Rice Contest held on November last year, Vietnams Jasmine Rice was given the Worlds Best Rice Award 2019  for its flavour.

In the last 7 months, Vietnam has exported 3.9 million tons of rice, earning 1.9 billion in return. Export turnover increased by 10.9% compared to last year. The average production per rai in Vietnam is 934kg. For the 2020/21 season an estimated 500 milliom tons of milled rice will be produced globally, up from the 497 million tons in the 2018/2019 season. An average yield is 736kg per rai, up from 730kg in the previous season.

In the first half of the current year, China imported 458.000 tons of rice, followed by the Philippines which consumed 1.4 million tons. Under the EVFTA agreement, Vietnam can export aprx 80,000 tons per year to the EU.

Prices have rised  due to huge demand, limited supply inIndia and Thailand, as well as increased rice quality.

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