New Variation of Gluten Free Flours!

Chickpea Flour is made from dried chickpeas, and is one of the most nutrient-packed gluten-free flours available. Chickpea Flour is a great gluten free baking alternative, making a good substitute for wheat-based flours that contain gluten.

Teff Flour is a wholesome and versatile gluten-free flour that adds whole-grain nutrition to baked goods. Teff Flour is a 100% whole grain flour made from Brown Teff Grains and high in protein, carbohydrates and fiber. It is extremely easy to cook with, resulting in pleasingly light, uniquely flavored nourishment. It is also used extensively for the traditional Africa Injera Bread.

Rice Flour, is especially designed for the Gluten Free bakery. This flour is especially ground to remove the ‘gritty’ taste of rice when used in recipes, making it ideal for Gluten Free manufacturing.

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