Global Market Review on Organic Cacao Nibs and Cacao Powder

The production process of cacao products has been a hit in recent years, especially in the European and North American markets. The rise in consumption is due to the health benefits associated with both cacao nibs and powder. Health experts and the general public alike has recently made some exploration and analysis on the medicinal, probable nutrition value, and mystical properties of organic cacao nibs and cacao powder. Consequently, the consumption rate of cacao nibs and powder rises in the global market for the past five years.

Organic Cacao Nibs Market

Cacao nibs are fermented and dried cacao beans, which are cleaned, sorted, roasted, crushed, and alkalized into bits. It is the second process in the cocoa production from harvesting, fermentation, and drying, where there are no inclusions of additives yet, resulting in a bitter and nutty chocolatey taste. Cacao nibs are one of the sources of minerals, protein, fiber, iron, antioxidants, zinc, phosphorous, and magnesium.

Consumer Benefits

It has been reported that consuming organic cacao nibs helps stabilize blood sugar, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, carcinogenic disorders, improves insulin sensitivity, reduce the risk of cancer, anti-depression agent, and other chronic conditions. Cacao nibs are not only famous in chocolate making but also in the bakery and beverages sectors like muffins, bread, barbecue sauces, flavored milk, lattes, nut butter, and cappuccinos. It can also be found in dessert products like smoothies, frozen desserts, toppings, and oatmeal.

Estimated Market Growth

Reports state that the market size value of cacao nibs was at USD 1.08 Billion in 2019 and is estimated to reach USD 1.16 Billion by the end of 2020. With the increasing demand for cacao products and their health benefits over the past years, analysts expect the value to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 7.9% to 8.6% from 2020-2027, reaching an estimated value of USD 1.99 Billion by 2027. The public across the globe is now adjusting to a world of a healthy lifestyle, which leads to the change in food preferences like low-sugar products with high nutritional and meditational values.

Even when the world is undergoing a pandemic, it didn’t stop the demands of cacao nibs and powder in the market. Surprisingly, the restrictions imposed by government officials all over the world during lockdown inflates the need for nutritional products that help boosts the immune system of the body. And cacao nibs are on the list of organic functional ingredients for a variety of dishes and beverages.

The cacao nibs production leads the largest share of 70% in 2019’s product availability globally while it stands at 65% share in commercial application division. The largest consumer of cacao nibs is the confectionary sector, while the fastest usage goes to the bakery and beverages division.

North America is considered the largest market for cacao nibs, with more than 30% share in 2019. The numbers are yet to increase with the shifting of household preferences to organic, healthy, and nutritious lifestyle. The fastest-growing regional market globally is the Asia Pacific, which is projected to increase its compound annual growth rate at 8.6% from 2020-2027.

Cacao Nibs Quality Control

Trading cacao nibs globally requires a certification, especially to specialty buyers and retailers. It serves as a guarantee, not only to consumers but also to the farmers, manufacturers, and producers, to sustainable and ethical trade in the market. Attaining a sustainable cacao value chain builds a good relationship between the farmers and buyers, direct deals, traceability system, premium payments, and valuable quality of cacao beans.


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