Freekah Market Update 2020


Freekeh is an ancient form of wheat grain, and production dates back to 2300BC, in an Eastern Mediterranean nation. The nutritional and health values  have helped the grain to gain popularity across the globe. The term freekeh, meaning “rubbed” in Arabic, refers to a step in freekeh production when the wheat grains are rubbed to remove their hulls.



Freekeh is typically utilized as a substitute for rice and bulgur, also to a limited extent in baking. Due to its high water-absorption capacity, it would likely be required to increase the liquid ratio in a formulation.


Despite the many difficulties encountered by farmers, the yield this year was good thanks to weather conditions.  The total wheat production in Turkey for 2020/21 season is 18.50 million MT, compared to 17.50 million MT from the previous season. There is 7.1 milion hectares this season, with an average yield of 2.61 MT per hectare.


Farmers here have many complications in securing fertilizers from agricultural banks and the high prices they have in the market. Even so, production estimates are good this season since the farmers have returned to invest their lands, especially in the northern countryside. In July, owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ministry of Finance in Egypt announced the provision of EGP 4 billion (USD 252 million) to the General Authority for Supply Commodities (GASC), the state grains authority, as part of funding to cover the costs for the food subsidy card system, breadmaking and distribution expenses, as well as the purchase of locally grown wheat. Wheat production for the 2020/21 season is at 8.9 million MT, grown on approximately 1.39 million hectares. The average yield per hectare was 6.4 MT.


Syria also witnesses good harvest this year due to suitable climate and an increase in the cultivated lands due to improved security situation. Wheat crops are a strategic material for the Syrian people and a basic crop as it secures the subsidized bread, which is a staple for Syrians. Their wheat production was estimated at 18.50 million MT, compare to 17.50 million MT from the previous season.

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