Ethical Sourcing

Importance of Responsible Sourcing

Tradelink is committed to maintaining the highest quality of materials and production processes. Our concern and focus is on food safety, with the end goal being that of providing safe, non-contaminated, properly labeled product to the consumer. Customers have an unspoken expectation that the products they buy will be safe, and we are here to help you provide them this quality. Our hands-on connection with the farmers can provide you the final link of the chain for premium quality ingredients.

Product Testing

Tradelink has implied a comprehensive product testing where products are tested for compliance with the agreed specification and legality at first production. We make sure we meet the microbiological, pesticide residues, heavy metals, food additives, chemical and contaminants criteria prescribed by the customer.

Ethical Sourcing

We take great measures to be an honest supplier, and ensure our products are ethically sourced. Our organic farmers and producers adhere to legislative requirements in relation to organic production as well as our own strict internal standards. Organic standards rely on farming practices designed to minimise the impact on the environment, ensuring the agricultural system operates as naturally as possible. Tradelink’s quality assurance doesn’t stop at the fields, the processing plants that are used are an important part of the process.

Own Brand Packaging / Private Label

We understand your brand is built to be a true representation of who you are as a business, and how you wish to be perceived. We are happy to be able to provide your own brand high quality, high value packaging. In order to ensure our product labels are legal, every artwork is reviewed and approved before sending to the supplier for production.

Customer policies

We diligently take the time needed to familiarize ourselves with the customers needs and policies. Tradelinks customer care involves getting to know your company well enough so that we can anticipate your needs and exceed your expectations. We deliver what we promise.

Certification Requirements

We engage globally recognised inspection & certification firms in countries of origin to negotiate & validate supplier legitimacy. All ingredients we supply have in place a third party certified HACCP program, and our factories are certified with one of the internationally recognized Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) standards.


The most important part of Tradelink’s QA system is at the loading, its our last point of contact with the product and the last opportunity to ensure total satisfaction. Steps taken to ensure this are:

  • Third party certified company inspection of the load.
  • Sampling by third party company + register of different samples each with batch numbers and seals.
  • TradeLink Loading inspection by own personnel.
  • Complete certificate of analysis completed.
  • Complete loading photos.
  • Live loading updates for customer.

Further to this, samples are tested in European or US labs, or the lab of the clients choice for micros and pesticides including glyphosate, paraquat and diquat.

Post Sale Service

TradeLink never ceases to support its clients in the whole delivery, importing and after sale process. Samples are retained for 3 months after loading so to ensure the integrity of the analysis are preserved. Updates on our shipments are sent every week and the client is keep updated on a daily basis if needed. Our post sale service to attend to any mishaps that could happen is the most open and attentive in the market. We serve long term contracts and our aim is not one shipment if not a client for life!

By understanding customers needs and wider market trends, our expert team of developers work hard to bring great quality, innovative and good value products to the market. We also run a diligence audit program that offers documented evidence of compliance to our standards. We work with external audit partners to complete the audit, we have detected many false organic certificates along the way.