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Argentina, Brazil, Guatemala, and Mexico are the main primary countries with high production of black beans. Statistics show Brazil on the top the list with over 495,000 MT on average production. It is further expected to increase this year for a total of 508,000 MT for the 3-crop period.

Mexico follows with over 373,000 MT and projected to increase at 504,000 MT this year. Guatemala produces over 251,000 MT which is expected to maintain the same values at the end of this year. This projection was affected by the heavy tropical storm that hit the country early this year.

2020 is a challenging year for Argentina, especially for black beans production. The volumes produced are slightly over 168,000 MT; however, the numbers are expected to decrease by the end of the year. On a good note,  Argentina has the edge of supplying Venezuela and Cuban’s demand since China is becoming less active in exporting black beans.

Tucuman, Santiago del Estero, and Salta are the main provinces that grow beans and earlier this year these areas were affected by dry spells and frosts, which decreased the yields of black beans. Due to this crisis, 5% of the planted area was affected, which caused an average of 25% waste during the processing. Consequently, the average yield of black beans at 1,200 – 1,300 kg/hectare is expected to decrease for approximately 24% compared to last year’s yield.

Brazil, Mexico, and Guatemala’s produce are mostly diverted to national consumers while most of Argentina and other black bean producers like China, the US, and Canada, export their products all over the world every year.

TradeLink Sourcing

The black beans range from 3.5mm to 4.5mm and pass through a grading system of Grade I, Grade II, Off Grade, Split, and Feed to assure highest quality. With our Boots on the Ground, Tradelink guarantees full traceability of its products from Farm to Fork, reaching worldwide quality standards.

Quality Assurance

 We are also active in taking preventive measures to avoid any type of event which may cause quality issue or delays in customer supply. To ensure the product stands up to your requirements, we don’t take anything for granted. The product is inspected and analyzed by a reputable third party laboratory to ensure the product matches or exceeds the specifications agreed to.


Packaging is typically in 25 kg multiply paper sacks labelled with product description, weight, organic certification, and certifications. We can also provide Retail/Own Brand packaging with personalized labels.

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