Conventional and Organic Rice

Selected from the finest crops in Argentina, Tradelink has a good volume of Conventional and Organic product right ready to ship! We have been working with our supply chain for over 10 years now, and can provide our customers with a clean, unstained product. The water, soil quality, and special weather conditions has produced an excellent crop. Tradelink can offer Organic and Conventional Rice, both Brown and White.

 Being the number one and most widely consumed staple food in the world, rice farming is very common and popular throughout the world.  TradeLink have moved to help bring volume of scale to the market making it competitive with less favourable regions and prices.

White Rice is defined as that form of rice whose husk and bran have been removed completely during the milling process, whereas the brown form means the rice has been husked, graded, cleaned, sorted but not gone through the polisher.

 We are a leading global agricultural commodity company with a passion for delivering quality food products dating back 40 years to our roots in New Zealand.  We provide the finest, responsibly cultivated, raw ingredients to reputable food manufacturers and mills in demand for sustainable, ethical, and traceable food sources. 

We have operational bases in Australia and Argentina, and local presence in seven other countries, allowing us to keep tight control on quality, holding the processors and farmers we work with accountable standards we uphold for our customers. We are committed to achieving the highest standards of product safety and functionality of raw materials, and we insist  on GFSI-approved safety management systems being in place.

Tradelink works with quality assurance certifiers such as Control Union to check each container load as it is loaded. Our product is free from antibiotic, insecticide and herbicide residues and chemical fertilizer.

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