Argentine Chickpea Update

It has been a bad year for chickpeas in many regions around the world but fortunately for Argentina the crop has been very good, and there is much pressure on the supply from this country due to shortages in other regions.

Harvesting has already started and continues through this month.

For organic production, once the crop is mature enough to harvest, the farm we are working with goes through the crop with a tractor mounted swather to cut the crop into small windrows so it dries quickly, ready for harvest about 10 to 15 days later.


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Once the crop has dried out, a combine harvester is used as the final step to harvest the chickpeas, which are then sent to the production plant for processing.
We are following the entire process closely and will soon bring you photos and updates on the last process of the chickpea harvest, before they get lab tested and shipped to our customers.