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Case study

Consumer Packaged Goods: Organic Chia Brand


Consumer Packaged Goods: Organic Chia Brand


Organic Chia


Our customer was experiencing challenges with Organic fraud and a lack of transparency from traditional chia growing regions. Customer engaged Tradelink because of boots on the ground in South America, direct access to organic growers and an ethical supply chain.

Specific Challenges Met

  • Managed risk of changing growing regions
  • Certified Organic supply
  • Traceability to the farm

Tradelink Services Used

  • Boots on the ground in South America.
  • Certified Organic import documentation.
  • Certified Organic Supplier Validation.
  • Quality assurance from start to finish.

Desired Outcomes Achieved

Customer was able to move into a new growing region, have access to the farms, receive certified organic chia. This was then packaged and is being sold through multiple large American retailers.

Quotes from Sante Group staff about this project

  • “We have a passion for Chia, we know the farmers very well. With it’s growth popularity, there has been an increase of Organic fraud in the chia market. During our time in South America, we’ve learned it isn’t what you know, it’s who you know.”
  • “This project involved us making in-person visits to the farm and the supplier, just the way we like to do business.”

Client Quotes

“We trust the Tradelink process, we’ve known them for a long time.”