Boundless Benefits of Blueberries!

Packed with antioxidants and phytoflavinoids, Blueberries are a highly nutritious, popular fruit, grown commercially in many different regions across the world. They can be grown in cultivated areas, and also in the wild – ones grown in the wild tend to be smaller and have a more intense color. A great deal of care should be taken during the cultivation of this fruit to reduce the pesticide residue, as with every fruit and vegetable.

Popular Types of Blueberries

Blueberries are available as fresh, IQF frozen, dried, or as a juice or puree, each has its own unique qualities. As most fruits, blueberries begin to lose its nutritional value as soon as it is picked, that’s why IQF Blueberries are considered an excellent option as they are processed and frozen very soon after harvest, and retain all the nutrients.

Proven Health Benefits

Blueberries are classed as an antioxidant superfood, high in potassium and Vitamin C, and also Vitamin K, which is a nutrient that helps keeping blood clotting at bay and heals injuries – one cup of unsweetened blueberries contains one third of the recommended daily dose of Vitamin K. Blueberries also have a high fiber content which is beneficial to the digestive tract.

Other listed benefits of include;

  •  Prevent cancer
  •  Prevent cognitive decline associated with aging and various diseases
  •  Prevent bone loss
  •  Lower blood pressure
  •  Reduce risk factors for cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes
  •  Help prevent urinary tract infections
  •  Reduce inflammation
  •  Reduce exercise-induced oxidative stress

Blueberries also contain phosphorus, iron and magnesium which are all vital for keeping our bodies functioning well and having many of the same active ingredients as cranberries, can help prevent urinary tract infections. Fruits that are high in antioxidants are vital for repairing oxidative DNA damage, and blueberries have one of the highest levels of antioxidants per fruit, along with strawberries.


Blueberries offer tremendous health benefits in a small, tasty package. One cup of unsweetened frozen blueberries contains less than 79 calories, and less than 1 gram of fat, so makes a much healthier choice for a snack during the day, compared to the average candy or potato crisps, and they can be added to any meal from a cereal to a salad, to substitute for a sweetener and add juiciness and flavor. They are an excellent food to include as part of a healthy diet and a lifestyle choice, whether wild, organic or cultivated.


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