Black Beans, an increasingly important crop for northern Argentina

The bean crop is very important for Argentina, unlike the main producing countries, allocates almost all of its production, approximately 90%, for export. Argentina has historically exported between 120 and 300 thousand tons of black beans each year! The production of legumes from Salta is the largest (70%) at a national level and the black bean is one of the most cultivated in the province.

The producers are very aware of market changes and regulations, and keep up to date with the latest technology. Salta, Jujuy and Tucumán are gaining more and more crops in northwestern Argentina, an area that provides optimal conditions for its development, since its growth occurs in the middle of a dry climate and with great thermal amplitude.

In addition to constantly monitoring the crop, producers use efficient tools to help prevent diseases. On the other hand, it is important to highlight, that the requirements and standards of consumers in the world are increasingly high and demanding, with the aim of obtaining higher quality grains and healthier and more productive crops. For this reason, our quality control team are committed to find a solution that is aligned to these needs.

Taking into account the importance of opening new markets, some great news for Argentina is that Mexico has reserved 100,000 tons of Argentine black beans per year, amounting to about US $ 140 million. This adds to the positive bulletin as just last month China opened its vegetable market to this country after seven years of negotiation.

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