Argentine Wheat Flour

Wheat flour is used as a raw material and is a key ingredient when manufacturing bread, pasta or cookies, it is obtained by grinding the whole grain of wheat.

Agriculture is one of the bases in the economy of Argentina, this country is one of the world’s biggest exporters of wheat and wheat flour, with exports estimated at 13 million tonnes. Harvesting of the 2019 wheat crop was at a record level of 19.5 million tonnes due to record high plantings.


The enlarged area sown more than offset a reduction in yields due to dry conditions at developing and flowering stages. After the harvest, the grains are transported to the silos, where they are stored before starting the transformation process.

Once in the mills, the grain is set aside, cleaned and then passed through the mill. In this way, the grain is reduced and sifted. In the next stage, additives are added to improve the quality and then it is packaged, turning it into flour.



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Production process

The wheat flour production process has six stages and through them different types of flour are obtained.


  1. Preliminary cleaning of the grains . It is done through air currents that separate straw, dust and empty grains.
  2. Selection of grains . Using screened cylinders that divide the grains by their volume and shape.
  3. Pointing and peeling . The embryo and the seed coat are discarded.
  4. Brushing the surface of the grains . In order to fully clean them.
  5. Grinding . Grains are crushed using metal rollers with rough or smooth surfaces. This is how flour is generated.
  6. Refined . The processed flour is passed through different sieves that separate the different qualities of the flour.

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