Argentine Pea Exports Allowed into China

After 7 years of negotiations, the General Administration of Customs of China (GACC) has approved the first Argentine companies that will be able to start exporting peas to China under the phytosanitary protocol established between the two countries.

In 2013 they began to work together to implement the necessary sanitary protocols to get into the Chinese peas market.

At that time, the volumes imported by that country were approximately 600,000 tons. This year, the projection of imports for the campaign that ends in July will reach close to 2,000,000 tons.

In this way, they affirmed that Argentina is located among the few countries that have implemented a phytosanitary import protocol with the main global consumer of this legume and which in turn is the fastest growing consumer market in recent years .

This is a great opportunity for the country where cooperatives and national export companies will benefit and in turn improve the diversification of crops to be produced.

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