Argentine Blueberries

In the midst of a pandemic and with prospects of entering the “new normal” phase, the Argentine blueberry producers are already planning the conditions to face the 2020 harvest. To guarantee compliance with the measures imposed by the national government, producers are already preparing the 2020 harvest protocol together with specialists. Argentine blueberries are known to be of the highest quality, last campaign 12.800 tons were exported. This was an increase of 18% compared to the 2018/19 season, of which approximately 25% of exports are organic.

Although prices remain stable, according to global indicators, there will be a decrease of -3.0% globally in 2020, however, it will have a significant rebound and in 2021 we can expect to see a growth of 5.8%.  60% of world demand is from the United States, 30% continental Europe and England, and between Canada and Asia another 10%.

Argentina is working on a project to promote their own varietal development of blueberries. It is a project with a minimum term of 5 years, and what has been planned so far must be deepened and costs must be defined.

More good news is that the Argentine officials are evaluating the possibility of accessing a reduction in China’s import tariffs , given that in recent years this reduction has been made for cranberries, this would allow the country to arrive with more competitive prices.

We have been operating in South America in the frozen fruit and vegetable market since 1994 and has had vast experiences not only with growers in the region, but also importing and exporting these products. We source our IQF Blueberries from reliable, audited, and approved facilities which include BRC accredited factories. Please email for more information!