2020/21 Wheat Campaign

Widely known as the most essential of all the food crops, wheat is the most grown crop across different parts of the world. In the current context of global economic uncertainty, wheat shows to be a positive option to face the new agricultural cycle.
Wheat is considered the easiest crop to manage in terms of weeds, although threats from pests are real, as they can damage the plants at a very significant pace. To protect the crop, farmers use regulators for the wheat growth to save them from fungus, rain infection and other issues. It is essential to determine the soil nutrients to improve productivity, and if needed add nitrogen, and phosphorus.

Argentina will achieve the second largest harvest in its history this year, with an estimated production of 21 Mt for 2020! Wheat yield is defined by a number of factors: genetic, technological and ecological. The incorporation of digital technologies in the field has helped farmers around the world.

With a strong export demand for Argentine wheat, prices for the 2020/21 harvest maintains an adequate price with respect to the historical average value of the last five-year period and corresponds to an estimate of high production expected worldwide. According to official data, sales abroad of wheat that has not yet been sown and will be harvested next summer amount to a historical record for this time of year. This is the third consecutive year in which the cereal begins to be traded so early in the local market.

Argentina is ranked as the second world producer of organic food!  There is already more than 3.2 million certified hectares of organic production, which means this is the second largest area in the world. Please email sales@tradelinksa.com if you would like to reserve our Organic Wheat, available as of September!