Chia Seed Crops


Our Argentine Farmers are busy getting prepared for the 2020 new crop of Chia Seed. We have started taking contracts for this years supply, and we can also still offer great prices on the 2019 Chia Crop if you have any current needs. Chia requires a tropical or sub-tropical climate. It can grow it altitudes of up to 3200 ft successfully. It requires a light soil, and benefits from good nutrition. It is a hardy plant, which makes organic farming a commercial reality. Yields of around 500kg per acre are common. Harvesting and processing depend on the location and the size of the farm, however our main farms harvest with a combine harvester and then process it similar to quinoa, wild rice etc

Chia is annual herb plant growing up to 1m tall, and has attractive purple or white flowers. The flowers spike to 10cm long, set on terminal stems, and fill out to a seed head (that is similar in appearance to a wheat seed head) with pinhead sized, brown, shiny seeds. Plants adapt to a wide range of soils, climates and minimal rainfall.

It’s health benefits are well documented. The seeds contain one of the highest known sources of Essential Fatty Acids (EFA), as linolenic acid (LNA) 30-60%, and linoleic acid (LA) 30%. EEFA’s are the highest source of energy in nutrition. The mucilaginous properties of the seeds have a swelling action, similar to guar or psyllium and can be used as a bulking agent and fibre source. Chia has a calcium content 5 times that of milk.

We are fully aware that our customers need to have full assurance that their suppliers will supply the products as specified, and meet the quality standards required worldwide. TradeLink International guarantees full traceability of its products entirely complying with the customers’ demands. Depending on the product and the region, most of the products are covered by BRC certification, ISO certification, HACCP principles, USDA, CERES and SGS.

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